ML Work Orders

PM's to generate one work order per Building.

Currently your only option for "create method" on PM's is to create one work order per space, or one work order per asset. A lot of PM's that we create in our district is the same space just in select buildings.


For example, we have to change out batteries in our automatic flushers every 6 months at 5 of our buildings in the District. The other 7 buildings still have manual flushers. If I select those 5 buildings and the space as Bathroom, it only creates on PM and it only states the first building listed which is confusing to our staff so I then have to go in an manually create the other 4 work orders which defeats the purpose of creating PM's initially. 


If you were able to select "Create Method" and select create one PM per building it would generate the 5 work orders needed. This is just one example of many that we create that would need the option of "one work order per building"

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  • Feb 11 2020
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