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note section on files attached to asset

we can add agreements and put the dates that it applies to
Guest 3 months ago in Document Management 0

adding file option to check out

we can add the device agreements to the check out so we know we have a signed agreement with checked out devices
Guest 3 months ago in Assets 0

Add new field for Assets called "Funding Source"

My employer is using MasterLibrary to manage our fleet of distributed Chromebooks and some of them were purchased with Title 1 or Title 4 federal funds which means they can only be used by certain users or in certain locations. Being able to track...
Daniel Burchardt 3 months ago in Assets 0

ML Assets QR Code Settings

Please make it so QR Code Settings can be unique for each user who's logged in. There are many times I have to go in a change the labels that I use but another user within the company changed the settings to suit their needs.
Tim Atwood 3 months ago in Assets 0

View email address in Assigned User field

We are cataloging and printing QR stickers for our student Chromebooks and at the moment, MLW only displays the Assigned User's first name and last name, but we have our users assigned by email address in Google Admin Console. At the moment, any e...
Daniel Burchardt 3 months ago in Assets 0

Half and Quarter amounts in Purchases

1/2 and 1/4 quantities are important when inputting purchases as freon and paint are things that are not always in full amounts.
Emily Estrada 7 months ago in Work Orders 0 Under Consideration

Adding multiple purchases at one time.

Data input would be faster considering some work orders have multiple purchases and it is a lengthy process to have to be sent back to the work order after every purchase is input.
Emily Estrada 7 months ago in Work Orders 1 Already Exists

Offering a "DUE DATE" option or "REQUESTED FOR" date

In the AV dept. we have no way of organizing the work orders by their DUE DATE. The only date used is the Submitted date, which for some teachers may all be in early September so they offer no useful info on scheduling for the event. We have to sc...
Guest 4 months ago in Work Orders 0

Dashboard showing current work load

I would like to be able to create a variety of dashboards that show open work. However because you can only select one status you can not get a meaningful list (I.E. I want for example tickets in any open status to show on one graph.
John Hansknecht about 1 year ago in Planning 0 Planned

Bulk Update Custom Fields

It would be very helpful to be able to perform bulk updates on custom fields of assets.
Guest 7 months ago in Assets 0 Under Consideration