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Be able to impersonate a person from the users list page

Being able to impersonate a person from the users list page instead of having to go into each person, scroll, down, and then impersonate them would save time, especially when you're having to go into multiple people in a row.
Rebekah Leslie 7 months ago in Users, Roles and Permissions 0

Add request type to selection fields for dashboard charts

It would be useful to all administrators of the system to filter out tech and maintenance work orders in dashboard charts. For instance I run the tech department and only want to see technology orders depicted in my dashboard charts.
Guest about 1 year ago in Reports 0 Under Consideration

Ability to create a different email address per building to create a request

Right now we allow them to generate an email address per request type and they want to break the email address down per building so that the requests can be routed correctly.
Guest 8 months ago in Work Orders 0

For emailed work orders, Include subject line of email in work order description

For emailed work orders, the subject line of the email does not come through into the Work Order that gets created, so we miss half of the information. Is it possible to get the subject line of the email put into the Work Order? Example, our teach...
Guest over 1 year ago in Work Orders 0 Under Consideration

Require fields when closing work orders

Hello, I would like to require that staff have to fill in the problem type and other info when closing/completing a work order. Right now they just click on Complete and poof! the ticket is gone from their view. thank you
Guest over 1 year ago in Work Orders 2 Under Consideration

Assets Columns not saving when changes are made.

Multiple times a day I’m searching for assigned users of assets. I have to constantly add the assigned to column. It would be nice to when I make changes to the columns the changes save as my defaults
Tim Atwood almost 2 years ago in Assets 0 Under Consideration

Link inventory items together

If you could "link" inventory items together like assets and inventory or components. So from the item page where there's "Detail, Files, History" it would have one that said "related inventory". So you could put lead that goes with specific mecha...
Rebekah Leslie 8 months ago in Inventory 0

If you "reopen" an inventory order the quantities return to the items.

Either inventory requests shouldn't be allowed to be "reopened" after completed, or the quantities should return to their stock once it's reopened. So I've got 10 filters and I complete an order for 2. Now I'm down to 8. If I reopen that order to ...
Rebekah Leslie 8 months ago in Inventory 0

It would be helpful if you could receive by order or PO number.

When receiving a whole giant order it's tedious having to fill in information that stays the same for each item in the order. It would be helpful if we had the option to receive by the order. So I would fill in the order number and PO number at th...
Rebekah Leslie 8 months ago in Inventory 0

Consume one quantity of inventory component (charger) to an asset type (Chromebook) on asset check out

I am attempting to manage our Chromebook charger inventory as we issue new devices and replacement chargers to our high school students. My goal is to find a way to link our number of available Chromebook charger units that are kept in Inventory t...
Daniel Burchardt 8 months ago in Assets 0