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Ignore subjects/signatures from emails when responding to work orders (MO8)

Is it possible for us to add a filter to ignore subjects/signatures from emails when responding to work orders?
Guest about 2 months ago in Work Orders 0

Make Purpose Optional when adding labor hours to a work order

No description provided
Guest about 2 months ago in Work Orders 0 Planned

MLWorkOrders APP for iPhone and Android devices

Our organization uses this software to dispatch Technology and Maintenance workers. This software does not work well on smartphone browsers. It would be a game changer to have a mobile app!
Guest about 1 year ago in Work Orders 0 Future Consideration

PMs are only given minutes to complete I would like to give days

When a PM is assigned you can only assign minutes to complete the task. We have big buildings and some PMs require more time. I would like to be able to set the amount of time either in hours or days. Like give a custodian a week to complete the PM.
Guest 4 months ago in Preventative Maintenance 0

New Work Order Error Pop-Up Needed

When submitting a new work order, if one of the mandatory fields is left blank, there is not pop-up notifying the requester of an error. The screen just remains active and no confirmation that the work order was submitted shows. The requester is l...
Guest 7 months ago in Work Orders 0 Under Consideration

create crew

On pest control work orders, there are times when I want to assign them to our grounds crew and it would be nice if we can create 'crews' and name them, for example, Grounds Crew-Zone 1. Then instead of having to find four or five names to assign ...
Guest 2 months ago in Work Orders 0

Assign and Check-In Asset

The asset management aspect of the platform is very slow and clumsy in regard to quickly assigning and checking in assets. A screen that allows this would be an answer to a HUGE problem for schools.
Guest 7 months ago in Assets 0 Under Consideration


Can you tell me if we can set up surveys that would go out monthly to requesters asking their experience/satisfaction with the work that's done? I would need the following information from those surveys:Number of surveys sent, # returned, # satisf...
Guest 2 months ago in Surveys 0 Planned

PO Number Searchable in all work orders

Please make it so a PO number entered into a work order searchable so it can be cross referenced to ensure work was done when billing happens
Guest 7 months ago in Work Orders 1 Under Consideration

Half and Quarter amounts in Purchases

1/2 and 1/4 quantities are important when inputting purchases as freon and paint are things that are not always in full amounts.
Emily Estrada 5 months ago in Work Orders 0 Under Consideration