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First time logging into system

hello I have been using the system in our school and one of the most frustrating things about it is when people first log into the system. it brings them to there profile page and they get confused thinking they are filling out a work order. they ...
Anthony smith over 1 year ago in Users, Roles and Permissions 0 Under Consideration

ability to sort Asset Types

i would like the ability to sort my Asset Types by "system" column. i see you have a drop down at the top but that shows ALL types, just clears fields not matching one i want to look at
Melissa Grasz 6 months ago in Assets 0

Substitute Account for Data Input

We have substitute data entry clerks who come and help during the summer and would like a substitue account for them to input work order data. Some substitutes don't have an IUSD email so they are not able to receive emails to join ML Work Orders....
Emily Estrada 6 months ago in Work Orders 0

PMs are only given minutes to complete I would like to give days

When a PM is assigned you can only assign minutes to complete the task. We have big buildings and some PMs require more time. I would like to be able to set the amount of time either in hours or days. Like give a custodian a week to complete the PM.
Guest about 1 year ago in Preventative Maintenance 0

Check out tools to buildings and spaces instead of just users.

We would like to be able to check out tools in assets to buildings and spaces in the buildings as not all our staff are users of ML. We keep running into the issue of yes, this building has x amount of portable heaters because they've been checked...
Rebekah Leslie 6 months ago in Assets 0

Custom page size holds on "Manage Assets"

When going into assets when I either click back on my browser or "back to assets" from the asset it takes away the page size I chose. This tends to stick with work orders and inventory. It wouldn't be as inconvenient if there were the option to go...
Rebekah Leslie 6 months ago in Assets 0

Adding multiple purchases at one time.

Data input would be faster considering some work orders have multiple purchases and it is a lengthy process to have to be sent back to the work order after every purchase is input.
Emily Estrada about 1 year ago in Work Orders 1 Already Exists

Bulk Update Custom Fields

It would be very helpful to be able to perform bulk updates on custom fields of assets.
Guest about 1 year ago in Assets 0 Under Consideration

A/C Adjusted

Hello, the office is really warm. Can someone please adjust the A/C?
Guest 7 months ago in Work Orders 0

Ability to delete budget codes after use.

It would be nice to be able to delete budget codes once they have been used. Sometimes they become obsolete. Less noise for admins.
Rebekah Leslie 7 months ago in Inventory 0