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Ability to customize Sisense Dashboard on their end

We could potentially sell designer licenses to larger clients that want more control over their sisense dashboards
Guest 21 days ago in Reports 0 Under Consideration

Work Orders API

They would like an API for work order and labor information so that they can use it in another reporting engine
Guest 21 days ago in Work Orders 0 Under Consideration

Ability to generate PM WOs based on last completion date

Instead of a set day they want to generate it 3 months after the last one was actually completed
Guest 21 days ago in Preventative Maintenance 0 Under Consideration

Duo (2 Factor Authentication) Integration
Guest 21 days ago in Users, Roles and Permissions 0 Under Consideration

It would be great if columns stuck.

It's really frustrating to be in the middle of something on one screen and my columns revert back to the stock selection and order when I come back. If it could remember my selections (as a setting almost) that would be awesome. Maybe a way to "lo...
Rebekah Leslie 21 days ago in Inventory 0

A setting that allows Admins to be Auto-Notified whenever a PM is opened (CA17)

It would be helpful if the admins of the program received email notifications whenever a PM is opened up. This is because they go into the program and print out the PM's to then give to their technicians. Right now the workarounds to this would be...
Guest 22 days ago in Preventative Maintenance 0

When scanning camera is super tiny, could it be bigger?

Working with middle-aged men in the field trying to scan with a camera. The box that comes up is super small and everything is really far away. Very hard for even my younger eyes to see what I'm doing.
Rebekah Leslie 22 days ago in Assets 0

Be able to scan barcodes/QR codes from desktop site.

On my mobile Android device using Chrome, when I log into ML at the top next to the "New Request" bubble is a barcode sign. This is amazing when I'm out in the warehouse or field scanning assets. However, this feature is missing from the desktop s...
Rebekah Leslie 22 days ago in Assets 0

New page for Users to track their asset checkout and ticket history

I come from a library science background and it's been helpful to have a separate section of a cataloging program to track each user's asset or item checkout history as well as any repair tickets that were created by that user. I understand that t...
Daniel Burchardt about 1 month ago in Users, Roles and Permissions 0

Microsoft Azure SSO Option (SAML)

No description provided
Guest about 1 month ago in Users, Roles and Permissions 0