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Dashboard showing current work load

I would like to be able to create a variety of dashboards that show open work. However because you can only select one status you can not get a meaningful list (I.E. I want for example tickets in any open status to show on one graph.
John Hansknecht over 1 year ago in Planning 0 Planned

rooms to contain asset

separate tab to contain what room has what assets (tv, speaker, ect.) maybe a new tab alongside the dashboard and work orders? maybe auto-move assets if you move an asset from one room to another? could help with documenting where assets are in ea...
Guest 10 months ago in Planning 0

Procedure list step gets time and date stamped with the person doing the specific step

We have a shared procedure list for onboarding new staff - 2 different people work on it. When person number 2 marks a step complete, it changes all the other action steps to person 2 so the time and date person 1 performed a step is lost. For aud...
Guest about 2 years ago in Planning 0 Under Consideration