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Ability to delete budget codes after use.

It would be nice to be able to delete budget codes once they have been used. Sometimes they become obsolete. Less noise for admins.
Rebekah Leslie 7 months ago in Inventory 0

Link inventory items together

If you could "link" inventory items together like assets and inventory or components. So from the item page where there's "Detail, Files, History" it would have one that said "related inventory". So you could put lead that goes with specific mecha...
Rebekah Leslie 8 months ago in Inventory 0

If you "reopen" an inventory order the quantities return to the items.

Either inventory requests shouldn't be allowed to be "reopened" after completed, or the quantities should return to their stock once it's reopened. So I've got 10 filters and I complete an order for 2. Now I'm down to 8. If I reopen that order to ...
Rebekah Leslie 8 months ago in Inventory 0

It would be helpful if you could receive by order or PO number.

When receiving a whole giant order it's tedious having to fill in information that stays the same for each item in the order. It would be helpful if we had the option to receive by the order. So I would fill in the order number and PO number at th...
Rebekah Leslie 8 months ago in Inventory 0

Have pricing stick for past orders (what they paid at the time of the order vs. what it is now).

When receiving an item for $x, I go into the item and edit the price to reflect the current pricing ( having the prices auto average would be super nice). When people request that item for $x and the request is completed it should always be for $x...
Rebekah Leslie 8 months ago in Inventory 0 Under Consideration

It would be great if columns stuck.

It's really frustrating to be in the middle of something on one screen and my columns revert back to the stock selection and order when I come back. If it could remember my selections (as a setting almost) that would be awesome. Maybe a way to "lo...
Rebekah Leslie 9 months ago in Inventory 0

The Issue button has disappeared on the inventory screen. How do we issue the inventory now?

No description provided
Guest about 1 year ago in Inventory 0 Under Consideration