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The ability to search for multiple assets by the asset number

No description provided
Guest 9 days ago in  0

Merge tickets Together

Would like to be able to merge multiple tickets into one and select which ticket is the main ticket.
Guest 11 months ago in Work Orders 0 Under Consideration

Ability to set a desired completion time for a PM so we can sort based on overdue PMs.

We would like to set up our PMs with designated completion time ranges. We have a lot of quarterly PMs that need to be completed within the first month of the quarter or semi-annual or annual PMs that need to be completed within the first month of...
Guest about 2 months ago in Preventative Maintenance 0

dark mode

Can we please get dark mode, this is hard to look at
Guest 10 months ago in  0 Under Consideration

Confidential indicator for certain entries

A way to mark a work order as confidential. It would only be viewable by administrators or others authorized within the work order confidentiality setting. Viewable by the submitter and those assigned to it, as well as those with administrative pr...
Guest 4 months ago in Work Orders 0

Add Users to Role via the Role page

A function where once a role is made, you can select to add users from your list of current users. This would immensely improve efficiency of role management in the ML suite.
Guest 6 months ago in Users, Roles and Permissions 0

ability to sort Asset Types

i would like the ability to sort my Asset Types by "system" column. i see you have a drop down at the top but that shows ALL types, just clears fields not matching one i want to look at
Melissa Grasz 2 months ago in Assets 0

Substitute Account for Data Input

We have substitute data entry clerks who come and help during the summer and would like a substitue account for them to input work order data. Some substitutes don't have an IUSD email so they are not able to receive emails to join ML Work Orders....
Emily Estrada 2 months ago in Work Orders 0

Return to previous page after closing

After completing and closing a work order it does not return me to the previous section I was in (My open assignments). Instead it returns me to the "All Open Assignments" page.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Work Orders 0 Planned

Stay Signed In

Is there a way to keep from being logged out every time?
Guest 7 months ago in Work Orders 1